Kadan in winter |

Photographs of Kadan: Ohre river, Kadan castle, church of the Ascension of st. Cross, church of Beheading of st. Jan Krtitel, Elizabethan monastery, church of the Holy Family and st. Elizabeth, town walls, railway bridge, ...
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Ohre river and part of the snow-covered town Kadan in winter, Kadan castle on the left. Winter Kadan. Snow-covered dean's church of the Ascension of st. Cross on Mirove square in Kadan. Church of Beheading of st. John the Baptist in Kadan. View from Zatecka street of the massive, snow-covered city walls. Kadan castle on the left. Two important Kadan baroque monuments, covered in snow in winter – the Elizabethan monastery on the left, the church of st. Family and st. Elizabeth. Rokelska street. View from the winter Rokelska street to the southeast, downstream of the Ohre river. In the background is a railway bridge. Lightly snowy covered railway bridge on the 124th kilometer of the Ohre river.