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Although the Czech Republic is not large in size, but its immense historical, cultural and natural wealth stands out all the more. The magic of places, often called the Genius Loci in Latin, is the greatest treasure of our country. There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands. You will find them everywhere, all over the country, scattered like life-giving wells, where the sentient visitor will feel joy and fulfillment, sometimes deep peace, sometimes quiet tension, but always in an unforgettable experience, that leads so many to those places again and again.

As if it were a mythical promised land, you will find so much of the beauty and diversity of nature. High mountains, volcanic peaks and small hills, deep forest valleys and quiet, sunny groves, mighty rivers and tiny streams, flowing from sparkling wells.

And in all that beauty, human places – big cities and tiny villages, almost always rooted deep in bygone times, but mostly people's homes. The descendants of those whose words have long fallen silent and yet their actions are ever and ever present here. The offspring of quiet days of peace and happiness, but also of long struggles, often resulting in subjugation and forced subordination, as many states tried wrongly to usurp the small country.

All this, and much much more, constantly surrounds and influences us. It shapes our attitudes, opinions, thoughts. Each of those places, where events seemed to stop for a moment, carries such immense messages and narratives.

Let's look at the photography now. After all, she alone can do the same as those places. Stop the course of events and let us still perceive only this one moment, undisturbed and quiet.

And it was this homogeneous connection, the unification of the cessation of events in places and photographs, that gave rise to Patria Bohemia, the Czech Republic gallery. Large mosaic of photographs. Individual elements, building blocks. Not documentary, not descriptive, but in an effort to capture this depth and immense impact as much, as possible...

What are we striving for?

Ethical principles

Member and partnership cities, towns or villages

We call partnership cities, towns or villages those, that are already involved in the operation of the Gallery.

MEMBER CITY, TOWN, VILLAGE – this city, town or village automatically becomes everyone, whose photographs we have already created and pasted together with the basic information to the Gallery.
PARTNERSHIP CITY, TOWN, VILLAGE – in addition to photographs and basic information, it has published expanding pages, articles, etc.

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All photographs published in the galleries of cities, towns, villages and places are author's originals. Most of them are newly made directly for the gallery, only in a few cases are images from the author's gallery used (e.g. the title image of Cesky Krumlov on the home page). Only professional photographic equipment is used to create - cameras, lenses, optical filters and software. The photographs are saved in RAW format by the camera and in this format is subsequently in the atelier made as many adjustments as possible (white balance, overall tonality, contrast, color, correction of perspective distortions, etc.) to maintain high quality. Other modifications, especially retouching (e.g. dirt on the streets, inappropriately placed traffic signs, etc.), repairs (e.g. damaged horizontal traffic signs - lanes, arrows, etc., fallen or otherwise damaged plaster, etc.) and final sharpening are performed in TIFF format without using compression. The resulting images in the gallery are left in wide AdobeRGB color space and saved in JPG format with the finest compression or PNG without compression.

Safe browsing

The entire gallery is secured by SSL encryption with the Let's Encrypt certificate. We do not use FTP connection for file transfer, but exclusively encrypted SFTP. We also do not use cookies, small files that are stored on the visitor's computer.

We are still growing

The gallery is still evolving. We create, edit and publish photographs of more and more cities, towns, villages and places, of course, detailed descriptions in Czech and English, including other information. The graphic appearance of the gallery is gradually evolving and adjusting so that the result is as impressive as possible. The gallery must look just as good on large format monitors as on the smallest phones, as well as work properly in a long line of types and versions of internet browsers. Therefore, every change in the graphic layout brings with it a large number of tests and adjustments so that everything is in order and works without errors.


What are our plans for the future? There are many of them, so we tried to summarize at least some of them briefly.

Support us

The task we have set is not easy. With your help, it will be better for gallery development. Each, even a small amount, will help. Thank you very much in advance!

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If you need a tax document, write us and we will send it to you. And even if not, write to us so we can thank you!