Patrium Bohemia sign.
On the left side Benedikt Rejt gallery, in the middle a terrace with arches, on the right is the rear wing of the town hall. Louny.

Louny |

The southern gate of the Ceske stredohori on the Ohre river, in the northwestern part of the Dolnooharska table. In the 12th century, the settlement Luna at the river ford on an important road to Germany, during the reign of Premysl Otakar II. royal city. Its name is probably derived from the Moon - the Luna in Czech. Birthplace of poet Jaroslav Vrchlicky, architect Kamil Hilbert or mathematician Vaclav Hlavaty. Agricultural area, known mainly for growing hops.

17 760
185 m
River Ohre from the bridge Veslaru downstream to the east. Louny.

Photography gallery |

Introductory photograph to companies and institutions presentation in Patrium Bohemia gallery. White ceramic products.

Companies and institutions |

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